Alright, new blog(again). This might be my 10th, dont really keep count anymore. But I do hope this one will stay for a while.

So, what is it for?

The idea is to put the stuff I do here, like designs, code, possibly photos. So lets start with a link and a picture to my new behance portfolio where I will publish the best graphical things I do. A octopus made by me
Here's a link to my behance profile (Also found on the start page like all the other social networks I'm on. Please follow me on any or all!

This year, Mar 21 - Mar 21 2015

I've made a promise to myself that I will start designing a game (hopefully finish it too). A big passion of mine is games. I like playing them! But it has to be games with a good story, my current favorites are Bioshock(Inifinte mainly), Half-Life Series, Portal, Crysis & The Elder Scrolls.

The way I want them is like movies, with a beginning and an end. Like most of these games have.
Can't say I'm a big fan of MMO's or online games like CS and similars. No stories or too much dedication needed.
Anyway, since I like programming, love designing and love games, what could be better than game development where I work with all?


For anyone who is wondering, this is a Ghost blog, hosted on DigitalOcean, with a Theme by which I have customized a little bit.

Edit: This is now my own custom made theme.

This is it for the first entry!