For a long time I was using Wordpress for my blogs and websites I made as it used to be the most easy to use CMS available. Easy to install, a nice backend plus a bunch of good looking free themes. Though I didn't know much about PHP back then, so whenever I wanted to change something it always ended up being a mess.

Later on I was asked to make a website using MODx as CMS. It took me a while to start liking it as the learning curve is pretty steep, but once you I got past the difference of Snippets, Chunks and Template Variables I really started to like the power of it. However, the trouble was still thats its made in PHP. By the time of switching to MODx I knew a lot more of PHP than I ever did while using wordpress.

Though both of these CMS's are very good and stable, wordpress is easy to use for inexperienced people and MODx is very powerful for the developer they are still made in PHP.

PHP has been around for a long time and hasn't been improved nicely in my opinion. It seems to have had a good initial thought but has then been patched and patched over and over again which has resulted in a language that has everything. Its not an elegant language. Its not pretty code when you write it. But most importantly its SLOW. I know there is lots of discussions around about which language is the quickest when it comes to server. And PHP developed by a real pro is very good and can be very quick, no doubt about that.

Currently the only PHP framework I might consider using is Laravel. But why use that when there are other very good and more modern languages out there like Node.js & Go?

Anyway, both CMS's mentioned about have always felt slow on every server I ever installed it on and it didn't use to be any other good options available out there. Until I heard of Ghost, a CMS made in Node.js. Even though its still being developed for a first 1.0 release it is still a very powerful and beautifully made CMS.

The backend is simple. The editor is the best I've ever seen out there. Everything loads quickly. Its just pure joy to use it.

There is a lot of themes already available for Ghost but I wanted to contribute with one of my own. Its still in development stage but still available for anyone who would like to try it! Just go here to download it.