One of the customers at my old job is PostAuto in Switzerland. My job was mainly working on the Android apps both their internal ones and their public apps. You can check out two of the apps in the play store. PostAuto's official app which is their main app with timetables information and the possibility to buy tickets. There are some games and other things to make your ride more fun. And PostAuto Cibo which is a ticket app, you start a ticket when you enter a buss by connecting to the buss' WiFi and clicking start in the app. Once you finish your ride you just have to leave the buss and you'll be charged accordingly. Pretty neat idea.

One day my boss asked me to create a poster with Starship Enterprise from Star Trek but with the PostAuto colours and the name of one of the excess of PostAuto as a gift from us to them. This is the one minus the name of the guy done back in 2013.