For years I have had a tumblr account, initially I wasn't sure what to use it for, until I found the reblog button. I started doing what most other tumblr's do, re-blogging anything and everything I like. Every once in a while I would find something outside of tumblr I like which I would upload and share. But 99.9% of my posts are still re-blogs.

My goal with tumblr was never to have the most followers. Just to create my own collection of things I like and find inspiring. So when there is a moment I lack inspiration to do anything I can just go there and scroll through what I have posted.

Going through my posts now, there are above 10.000 of them with some accidental duplicates, I have realised some things about myself. About a year ago an observant colleague of mine asked me if my favourite colour was brown. I said no, it's blue. Which has been my response since I was a child. I asked him why he thought that, to which he pointed out a lot of details about me and the things I wear and use were brown. This felt kind of odd when he pointed it out, but I insisted on blue all the same.

This stayed in my mind though. Then recently when I was scrolling through my tumblr account I started to realise that he was probably right. Most of the pictures there contains some kind of brown element. Mainly wood, leather or any other naturally occurring brown colour. So without actually thinking about the colour that seems to speak to me most is brown and not blue, even though blue seems to be the second most occurring colour in the page.

What I am sure of is that I love handcraft like woodcraft, leather craft and other crafts where the result is something you can hold. And what attracts me are the natural elements mixed with modern techniques. Or natural elements mixed with colder elements like steel or concrete.

I am experimenting with these things right now making products I hope to sell online soon. Hope to have a website up and running for this soon. I will add some pictures of my creations here soon.

Meanwhile you can look at the beautiful other have made on my tumblr account here. I have also made two others, one dedicated specifically to the colour blue and one to leather.