Writing functional, minimal and beautiful code gives me the same satisfaction as designing. I'm obsessed with speed and functionality in the apps I code. Combine that with UI Design and you will have a nice user experience.

This is the final resultThe basics of radio buttons is to let the user have a bunch of options but only the possibility to select one of tho
In this tutorial I will explain how you can install and setup a Mongo Database with some options of how to connect to it. Make sure you are
This is an updated tutorial of my two previous tutorials of how to setup a Ghost blog on a DigitalOcean CentOS 7.6 VPS Droplet and making th
Fun with SVG animation
HTML Race Viewer - TracTrac
For a few years now I have been a fan of CentOS for my servers, its light weight and simple to use. Lately I have been experimenting with HT
So I like tinkering with almost anything. Recently I've been trying to get the HTTP/2 [] protocol, whic
If you are like me, who likes to write, who likes technology and who likes to do this on my own server, then this might be helpful on how to
This always seems problematic to get work to me, and whenever I need it, I can never find a good tutorial or library for it. So here is a wa